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DocSavi® Overview
DocSavi integrates Content Management systems with the Oracle E-Business Suite. Unstructured content stored within the document management system is linked to EBS records by leveraging standard EBS Attachment functionality. EBS users simply click the standard paper-clip icon to view the supporting content.
Upload Attachments

One of new features that is receiving rave reviews is the ability of the DocSavi solution to be mapped through a GUI interface to pull identified documents out of the Oracle attachment table within the database, place it into a document management application, and leave behind a link for Oracle users access.This addresses the current problems associated with the users attaching the documents to forms within the Oracle Database:

No more performance degradation due to large blobs within the database
Backup and recovery times are not affected by these large documents
Users outside of the Oracle E-Business Suite can access the document from the document management application without access to Oracle

In addition to this great new feature, we have created additional functionality:

New Admin Console design
Dashboard page for system health
Search functionality on queue pages
Multi-select record processing on queues
Improved queue handling for large number of records
Added DocSavi Engine logging page to Admin Console
Link description now configurable
Additional administrative features for troubleshooting
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What Customers Say:

"DocSavi has saved me 15 hours each week that I can now devote to other town business. That equates to a more than 35-percent gain in my personal productivity!"