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Oracle WebCenter Content

Oracle Content Management Products

Oracle Content Management solutions provide powerful tools to improve the way your organization stores, manages and searches for the vast quantities of content found in today’s enterprise. One of the immediate green impacts of deploying an ECM solution is the reduction or elimination of paper documents for creation, review, publication, and lifecycle management. Organizations can also increase their productivity and security and reduce operating costs through the products that make up the Oracle content management portfolio, creating opportunities to:

Reduce paper consumption

By deploying Oracle WebCenter Content, documents can be created, distributed, and managed electronically, including publishing them as websites, thus drastically reducing the costs associated with consuming large quantities of paper.

Streamline processes

By scanning documents via Oracle Document Capture and converting them from paper to electronic formats, content can be automatically identified and routed to the appropriate users or applications, eliminating multiple copies of documents and driving processes such as accounts payable. This increases worker productivity and reduces human error, as well as ensures that the documents are now securely and centrally managed.

Lower shipping costs

The WebContent Management component of Oracle WebCenter Content allows your organization to distribute your electronic documents securely via intranets, extranets, or publicly via other websites and ensures they are always up-to-date. By enabling the timely electronic distribution of documents, organizations lower costs associated with printing and shipping them.

Cut physical storage costs

Storing documents electronically means less real estate is needed to store physical records, which translates to less expenditures on rent, utilities, and facilities upkeep.

Reduce data center consumption

Managing the lifecycle and retention of both records and everyday business documents using Oracle WebCenter Records Management allows organizations to comply with regulations and policies. In some cases organizations have found that they can reduce the amount of content they are storing by 50% by properly categorizing content and managing retention time.