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MigrationSavi Overview

MigrationSaviCM Mitchell Consulting’s (CMMC) migration tool, MigrationSavi, is a proprietary software product used for IBM FileNet P8 document transformations, migrations, and system changes.

For migrations, MigrationSavi is used to migrate documents into IBM FileNet P8 from another FileNet environment or other document management system.

Some of the features provided by MigrationSavi include content and metadata migration, document reclassification, security updates, TIF conversion and merging, and foldering capabilities.

Use Cases
MigrationSavi features a scalable and flexible set of services for the following use cases:


FileNet P8 to IBM ECM on Cloud
FileNet Image Services to FileNet P8
FileNet Content Services to FileNet P8
FileNet P8 to FileNet P8 (Different Versions, Object Stores, P8 Domains)
3rd Party ECM Systems to FileNet P8

Document Transformation

Taxonomy Changes (Reclassification)
Metadata Model Changes
Metadata Cleanup and Enrichment
Content Transformation (TIFF Merge, TIFF to PDF)
Security Model Changes

System Changes

FileNet P8 Directory Service Change (e.g. Novell to Active Directory)
FileNet P8 Database Change (e.g. Oracle to SQL Server)
FileNet P8 Storage Area Change (e.g. NAS to OpenStack Swift Cloud Storage)


Fast, scalable and efficient: MigrationSavi has been optimized to process a large volume of documents, based both on document count and document size, to FileNet P8 in a quick and efficient manner. Previous projects using MigrationSavi have achieved the following speeds:
IS to P8 Migration: 11 million+ docs per day
Reclassification: 2 million+ docs per hour
ECM to P8 Migration: 60 to 80+ MB per second
P8 to P8 Transformation: 400+ docs per second

Flexible, easy to configure: MigrationSavi projects are easily configured with provided graphing tools.

View Mapping & Scheduling in Graph Form
Visualize Centralized Log & Audit Data
Load Configurations via Spreadsheet or Web App
Supports Complex Logic: Data can be transformed, reclassified and updated during migration using MigrationSavi.
Regular Expressions
Conditional Statements
Use Classification, Metadata, & Security to build Rules
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