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Fujitsu Scanners

Fujitsu Scanners


SnapScan Scanners:

SnapScan Scanners take the complication out of document imaging with one-touch ease of use. Perfect for small business environments. Read More.

Workgroup Scanners:

Workgroup Scanners are ideal for the medium-sized organization or single-department application. You can process up to 1,000 pages a day while accommodating a wide variety of paper sizes. You won’t sacrifice performance for affordable document imaging.

Departmental Scanners:

Larger organizations demand higher throughput from their digital imaging solutions, as well as additional features, such as a video interface and document imprinting. Fujitsu Departmental Scanners provide this level of support and more, with a family of scanners that allow production-level performance at cost-effective prices.

Production Scanners:

Production environments call for extremely high throughput, flexibility and reliability. Fujitsu production scanners satisfy these requirements, enabling users to scan up to 100,000 pages per day.

Network Scanners:

Network Scanners allow you to simplify and standardize document management across your local branches or across the globe. Simply load your documents, log into the network, select the destination, and press the scan button.

CM Mitchell Consulting Capabilities

We are an Authorized Reseller of Fujitsu scanners. Our Certified Document Imaging Architects (CDIA+) are skilled at analyzing business processes, document volume, other capture requirements, and recommending the most appropriate scanning solution to meet your needs.