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Document Capture
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Document Capture Implementation Professional Services

Document capture speeds up your business processes by organizing electronic and paper documents, and turning them into retrievable information. Capture can make unstructured information understandable for input to core business processes

Business Uses of Document Capture

Document capture software can be used to meet the capture needs of your organization, regardless of size and global scale.

Implement an automated process to capture content from any device, from any place, in paper and electronic forms;
Reduce errors by eliminating manual, error-prone processes;
Increase efficiency by implementing automated, information-driven decisions and business processes;
Automatically categorize captured documents and integrate directly with your processes;
Implement transaction-based capture, distribution, routing, classification, and validation;
Extract the appropriate information from varied content sources and deliver it to your organization’s existing ERP and CRM systems;
Automatically notify the proper departments, partners, vendors, and customers, when critical information is received;
Automate the straight through processing of data and business decisions based on new information as it is captured;
Increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate information on demand; and
Meet customer and government requirements for process auditing and document traceability.

Documents and associated metadata can be captured at any location and sent to an ECM system, database, or line-of-business application you already have in place. Capture automation provides for elimination of the costs and errors associated with manual labor.

CMMC is an IBM Datacap partner, a Kofax partner, and an AnyDoc software partner. Our consultants can help you evaluate the best way to capture your business content whether it be distributed or centralized.