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DocSavi® Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical DocSavi implementation take?

A standard DocSavi implementation can be accomplished in as few as 6 weeks. If DocSavi is being implemented in conjunction with a new capture and/or ECM system, that timeframe may be increased based on the timeframes of the other systems. Adding the DocSavi AP Invoice Auto Creation process adds an additional 4 weeks on average.
How much does DocSavi cost?
DocSavi is licensed by Oracle EBS modules. The purchase of the base DocSavi product includes license with one Oracle EBS module, with additional module licenses being offered at discount rates. There is also an Enterprise License that is available which provides licensing for all Oracle EBS modules. Please contact us to inquire about specific pricing details.
What EBS modules does DocSavi work with?
DocSavi has been designed and engineered to work with all Oracle EBS modules as it utilizes the Oracle attachment functionality.
What Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems does DocSavi work with?
DocSavi currently integrates with FileNet P8 and Oracle WebCenter Content. Additional ECM systems can be considered based on client needs, please contact us to discuss your environment.
Is DocSavi certified by Oracle or IBM?
DocSavi is an Oracle Validated Integration for both R11 and R12 releases. It is also an IBM verified ECM solution for all versions of FileNet P8.
What capture software does DocSavi work with?
The core DocSavi solution is not capture product specific. The AP Invoice Automation portion of the DocSavi solution currently integrates with Kofax Capture and IBM Datacap. Additional capture systems can be considered based on client needs, please contact us to discuss your environment.
Does DocSavi work with ERP systems other than Oracle EBS?
No. DocSavi was designed specifically to image enable the Oracle E-Business Suite modules as it leverages Oracle EBS out-of-the box functionality.
Who supports DocSavi?
DocSavi is supported by CM Mitchell Consulting. A year of support is included with the initial purchase of DocSavi, and then charged annually. The Software Support and Maintenance includes product software upgrades and patches, as well as the on-going support of the product.
How long has DocSavi been in production?
DocSavi was first deployed in 2008. Since then it has undergone regular revisions and updates and is currently on version 5.6.
How is DocSavi delivered? (on premise or cloud solution)
DocSavi can be delivered on-premise or deployed to the cloud, based on the client infrastructure. As DocSavi has components that are installed in both the ECM and EBS systems, it must be installed within the existing client structure.
Will I need to learn new software?
No. DocSavi processing happens automatically behind the scenes, so there is no new software to learn. DocSavi does come with a web based Administrative Console that DocSavi Administrators will use to monitor the DocSavi processes and to define any additional entity/transaction table integration.
How is security enforced?
Access to the document link from within Oracle EBS is accomplished via the standard Oracle responsibilities, but DocSavi enforces the content management security. This controls who can view, edit and/or delete documents from the content management repository. This can be accomplished via a single sign-on or by having the users log on to the content management application the first time a document is accessed and stay logged on for future access until the standard auto log-off is enforced.
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