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Content Migration
FileNet Image Services to P8 Migration
Software & Professional Services
With the new IBM direction for Enterprise Content Management moving from FileNet Image Services to the FileNet P8 suite, experienced consultants are needed to assist companies with this significant move forward. With proper assessment, planning and execution, CMMC experts can provide a data migration solution to help overcome these obstacles without excessive time, costs and downtime.
Software Product
CMMC offers a specialized image relocation service coupled with IBM’s Content Federation Service (CFS) for metadata which offers the best of breed migration solution.

CMMC Content Relocation Service (CRS)

Highly scalable service used to move content in bulk from IS to P8.
5 to 11 million documents per day
Average depended on page count and file size
Peak Observed: 508 docs per sec / 34 MB per sec
Throughput bounded by Image Services

IBM Content Federation Services (CFS)

Out-of-the-box IBM service used to copy metadata from IS to P8.
2.1 million document’s metadata per hour
Professional Services
CMMC is experienced in large scale and high performance IS to P8 migrations, with focus on:

Migration Planning
Architecture Design
Out-of-the-Box Migration Software
Performance Tuning
Migration Support
Migration Services Process View


Migration Services Optional Solution
Document Reclassification Service

A high performance and scalable service that reclassifies documents.
Provides the ability to transform a document type choice list into a P8 document class.

Merge Page Service

A high performance and scalable service that merges single page documents into a multi-page document.
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