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AuditSavi for FileNet P8
For most companies, news of an impending audit brings with it a sense of dread for the upcoming loss of time and productivity while complying with audit document requests. However, with CMMC’s AuditSavi solution for FileNet P8, companies can easily comply with document requests from auditors with minimal time and effort and without manually pulling documents.Using a file of requested items from the auditors, companies can use the Oracle component of the solution to automatically pull an XML file of relevant records from their Oracle system. Then, using a web-based interface, users select the FileNet object store and a Active Directory group name, and CMMC’s AuditSavi solution will update all the files that match the criteria from the XML file to be visible to the specified user group. Once done, auditors can be given access to FileNet to view documents, but will only see documents that they have requested for the audit, making them self sufficient in their audit and freeing up the time of your staff from having to fetch these documents.
IBM FileNet P8 Software

IBM FileNet P8 offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to handle the most demanding content challenges, the most complex business processes, and integration to all your existing systems. FileNet P8 is a reliable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that enables you to capture, store, manage, secure, and process information to increase operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. FileNet P8 enables you to streamline and automate business processes, access and manage all forms of content, and automate records management to help meet compliance needs.



Increased productivity:

Automating the process of making documents available to auditors with AuditSavi frees up the time of your staff for their regular processing, meaning less overhead and extra time for them. They can focus on their regular jobs while the audit directly accesses the documents they need.

Streamlined process:

Through the AuditSavi process, auditors are given direct access to the files they need. Auditors will not need to bother your staff as they proceed with the audit.

Reduced cost:

AuditSavi turns the chore of assisting auditors from a many day process to a several minute process. Your staff can focus on their regular responsibilities, not having to take extra time to assist the auditors and work on their regular job. This can save on the cost of overtime for hourly employees.

Increased security:

In a normal audit, documents have to be provided to the auditors in hard-copy form, but with the AuditSavi solution, auditors receive access to documents directly in the FileNet P8 system. You no longer have to worry about potentially confidential documents leaving your secure document repository.

Document stability:

As the AuditSavi solution provides access to documents by adding them to another Active Directory group, no aspect of the record in FileNet changes. Core aspects of the document, including document store, folder structure, etc are unchanged, resulting in no impact to your document repository structure or any impactful change on the document itself.

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